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Top 10 WWE Superstars of all time | TheCortexmedia.Com |


World Wrestling Entertainment Which is primary Known As WWE is an American Professional Wrestling Platform And Company. From our Childhood WWE is always Entertain us And make our childhood very special,Entertaining And Remember. Some of Childhood WWE Superstars Heroes Are Always part of our life like Undertaker, Ric-flair, Shawn-Michaels are always make our life Entertaining. But Today, We provide You list of Top 10 Wwe Superstars of All times. So Stay connect with us And follow this full Article. Let’s Start it–



Roman reign is the American profession wrestler And he Currently part of Smack down And champion of Wwe Universal Champion. Roman Reign belongs to Wrestling Family. His whole family Part of Wrestling industry. He is also part of Hollywood And Part of many movies like Fast And Furious famous Series etc. he is also known as the modern ERA of WWE wrestling. His finishing move is Spare is most attacking move of WWE And he sign wwe in 2014 which help Roman reigns famous in all over the world. but he is in tenth position of all time best wwe superstars of all time. 

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Mick Foley is one of the top superstars of All time. His Dangerous Moves Entertain Us And one of the childhood heroes of all 90 s youngsters. His full name is Michael Francis Foley, And he show his talent with pen also. He is the famous author And commentator also. His also known as Manson, Cactus jack And Mankind. he also part of World wrestling federation ( WWF ), Extreme Championship Wrestling, And many others. he debut in 1983. and retire in 2012. he won Many championship in wrestling Industry Like Four time world champion, 11 times Tag team championship, And one of the ecw, WCW, WWF And WWE legend And Include in WWE_Hall_of_Fame In 2013.



Randal Keith Orton who popularity known as Randy orton. Now, Currently He is the part of Raw Brand. He is also part of Wrestling family Industry. He is one of the youngest world champion of all time. He is the World Tag team Champion And He is the Royal Rumble Matches winner in 2009 And 2017. He is the 8 times World champion of all time. 




Goldberg in one of the biggest wwe superstar of all time. He is the professional american wrestler,actor farmer footballer.He is included in wwe hall of fame in 2016. He is popularly know for his world tittle winning streak in WCW .He singed wwe in 2000 and beat some of the biggest wrestler of all time like John cena, undertaker,rock Etc.He is popular know for he is finishing move ” The spare” He works in some big Hollywood movies like The longest yard ,Santa’s say Etc. And he is in 7th place of all time WWE Superstars.



John cena is the popular body-builder, Actor, Commentator And popular professional wrestler. Full name of john cena is John Felix Anthony Cena. He signed WWE In 2000. And won hearts of everyone. He face many Legends like Brock leaser, Undertaker, Rock etc. He is 16th Time wwe world heavy weight champion, Four time tag team champion, Five time United state of america champion. his some popular movies are You can’t see me, The marine etc. And he is also as the Greatest wwe superstar of all time.




Brock Edward Leaser is the famous UFC Champion, Professional Footballer, And american wrestler. But he want popular when he enter in the field of WWE. He is the Eight time world champion. And he Also signed National football league in 2001 But before start of 2005 Season He left NFL And enter in wrestling Again. He is also known for Break the streak of Undertaker in Wrestlemania. and he is in 6 position of all time wwe superstars.


Hulk Hogan is the popular actor, TV presenter, And business man. He  Known for his Style, And Attitude. Hulk hogan is one of the most popular Wrestler in 80s. There are Millions fans  of Hogan. He multi time world champion, And he won Royal Rumble twice in his career. He awarded with ”hall of fame” in 2005.



Triple-h Is the biggest Champion And one of the Most attitude WWE’S wrestler. Currently, He is Vice-president And developer of WWE. he being famous when He is the member of DX generation with Best gang in wwe. After Ric flair And John Cena he won most world championship. His wrestlermania match with undertaker is one of the greatest match of all time in wwe.



Ric Flair is the popular American wrestler, Manager. He wwe Career is Almost 40 Years. He is also known as the won most World championship tittle in Wrestling. Also he added in hall of fame in 2007. He retired in 2006 After lose Career V/S Career match against Shawn micheal. He not just WWE superstars Champion And legend but he is also NWA legend and all time best Professional wrestler.



MARK WILLIAM CALAWAY Who popular known as ring name ”UNDERTAKER” .He is special famous for his Wrestlermania Unbeaten Streak which Finish After lose Wrestlermania match against Brock leaser. His record is 21-2. he is our childhood hero And undertaker make our childhood Unforgetable. he is eight time world champion And he is in the 2nd place of all time WWE Superstar.


#1. Steve Gold Steve Austin 

The biggest WWE superstars of all time is Steve gold Steve Austin . Steve Austin is the Popular actor, wrestler. this man is popular known for his Finishing ”Stunner”. He is most importance because he is the first person who fight Against Authority And make his place in world tittle. He beat all the wwe superstars like undertaker, triple-h, Kane, Hulk hogan etc. He also added in WWE Hall of fame in 2009. And he is the most Attitude, Stylish And Dangerous wwe Superstar of all time.


CONCLUSION, These are the some popular And Famous wwe superstars of All time According to People’s Choice. There Are many legend who Didn’t part of this list like Shawn Micheal, The rock, Duddly boyz But These Legend Are always Famous And part of our entertaining life. But currently these are most popular wwe superstars presently So follow our page for more Interesting News . So Stay safe and stay healthy.





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