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Arsenal transfer News And Big Rumours 2020 | TheCortexmedia |

                     ARSENAL TRANSFER NEWS

THE Transfer Window of English premier league was Begin from from 27 July 2020 And After the struggle of 10 Weak, This Transfer Window was closed on Monday, 5 October 2020. Every team try their Best And Make their one of the strongest team for next Season. But we are Arsenal fans And Today, we tell About some of the biggest signing, Arsenal Transfer news And latest Rumours . So if You are Arsenal fan like us.Connect with us And Know everything about our Arsenal team And new Faces And Signing of fan Favourite Arsenal Players. So lets begins ::-


Arsenal Boost their Forward options And Sign Brazil International Willian From Chelsea- arsenal transfer news

Willian is the Brazil international who plays for Chelsea last season And Looks in very good touch, Last season He Appearances 47 times for Chelsea With 10 Goals. Willian also Reveals that He Also Got offers from Barcelona And Inter Miami But he choose Arsenal Because He said that ” Arsenal is the biggest club in the world” And fells very happy for connecting with Red family And Arsenal head-Coach also looks pump-up After this signing And said that ”i believe players like Willian can really make a difference for us” And it is the Arsenal First biggest signing.

Arsenal head Coach is looking for French youngster Houssem Aouar And Arsenal Offers him About 31.3 Millions Euro But according to new Reports that Lyon reject Arsenal offer And Linked up with Manchester city And The Gunners. 



But My Biggest Arsenal transfer news for this summer is That Arsenal Welcomed back Dani Cebellos from real-madrid on Season-Long term loan.last Season this player plays a very important role on winning F.A Cup for Arsenal.

”Fans looks very happy with this transfer And Arsenal transfer news for this summer looks very positive and Brilliant”. Technical director of Arsenal Said that ” we have to trilled to have Dani back in arsenal

Deal Done: Arsenal Looks very strong in this summer Transfer Season When he Sign Brazil international And Defender Gabriel Magalhaes confirm singing with Arsenal from Lille in 27 millions Euro This summer. This Defender Reveals that ” He got offers from many other clubs of premier league But Arsenal offer is Good And long term plan[ As a money ] .he said that he got offers from big clubs like Manchester united, Nopoli, And Paris Saint-Germain. But he rejected everyone offers and finally, become the conform Arsenal player. Signing of This young defender looks positive for Arsenal team

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Some of the Rumours which is Recorded are Manchester United And Arsenal both are looking Pump-up For signing French international And centre-back Samuel Umtiti From Barcelona. Now looks very Interesting Can This french international leaves Barcelona for free. According to the Reports. And Arsenal looks very Ahead in Sign Young midfielder Thomas Partey After this midfielder Rejected Atletico Madrid New contract .

Some of the few new signing of arsenal team for season 2020-21 Is Spain Midfielder Pablo Mari, Germany Right-back Cedric Soares, France Centre-back William saliba , Iraq international Mohamed Elneny.


And some fresh Rumour of signing in Arsenal Season 20-21 Are Brazil Left winger Felipe Anderson From west Ham United And market price of This Brazil International is 25 millions euros. ARSENAL Transfer news And Head coach wants french International and Central-midfielder Morgan Sanson in the value of the 22.55 millions euros. 

To be Conclusion:  Arsenal team And staff looks very Busy In Signing some of the new faces and some odd faces as well. Signing of players like William, Comeback of Arsenal Player Dani Ceballos And many other’s Now looks very Interesting Before End of transfer window Can Arsenal Connect with some other players And Sign them For Arsenal This season And plays positive this season And take trophy back in home. So connect with us for further new Arsenal transfer news And signing..

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