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mental health awareness



mental health awareness



Additional article Information Begin.

Mental health is the biggest Thread for modern world . The patient of Mental Health is increasing everyday . Many big nation suffers from this big problem . Dr. Justin Green , The member of international Doctor Association Said that ” Without proper health mind there is many problems And no such better physical health ”. As we See Now Cases of depression in world is Increasing Continuously . The Depression Disease is very normal in age between 18 to 25 . According to the report of WHO ”More than 35% of depression cases are from this Age group ” . One of the another report of The National Institute of Mental health (NIMH) said that ” Approx 16.3 Millions U.S Adults facing this problem in 2016. Not just America Many big nation suffers from Mental health problem, Countries like japan, India, Russia, Pakistan Facing this Serious problem . According to Study Report of WHO, India is the most Depressed country in the world . Reports Shows that More than 7 per cent of indian population suffers from this diseases in 2017 . And WHO also warns that this number is also increase in future . China is also Not So behind Against India, About 25 millions of China population Suffers from Mental health. But China takes serious steps in solve them quickly And Government of china Spends more than 3 per cent of their budget on Mental health. But shocking News is that Seventh Biggest population country, Pakistan have just 800 proper trained and Qualified psychiatrists in their country And their population is More than 212.2 millions in 2018. That’s Mean Only one psychiatrists for more than 2.65 Millions people’s . 

Some other Shocking Reports And Stats of Mental health diseases And Depression Are –      
  • More than 60 per cent of depression cases are started from at the age of 14. which Increase death rate of suicide in all over the world
  • Every one people from Six people Aged 15- 21 is Suffers from depression. 
  • Depression is the third many reason for criminal activity in world. 
  • In 2030, Depression Rate is increasing in 60 Per cent in all over the world .





              So Main part is that how we Increase Mental Health Awareness in All over the World And Make Road Map which Helps in finish all Mental Health Diseases -:

If We All want fight Against these Mental health Diseases, The biggest thing which matter is Awareness for these disease. Because if we Don’t know What is Depression? How we Fight Against them ? So Our Team Make Road Map Which helps in Mental Health Awareness And Educate Society Against Diseases like Depression? 


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Government Support And Progress is Most Important for Every Sector . In our Sense Without Government Support Development in Any Sector is Impossible .So We Want Proper Support of Government In Mental Health Awareness. It’s not just matter of Development of Urban Area But Rural Area Also .So We Want proper support of District medical department like Government Dispensary And Others Privates Clients Which Increases Knowledge About Depression And other Mental health Diseases. And Motivate our Youngster’s in Came in this Profession And Represent Themselves Brilliant Psychology .


Internet And Social Media is the Game Changer in the Mental Health Awareness Because Every Age Group Person Use Internet And social Media . If you Show them How much These disease is Dangerous for us In the good And better way. It change Mindset of people And Force them in thinking about this Important Topic. 


Media Awareness is Also Important About this Topic. If we Share News Like Deepika Padukone is Suffers from Depression . But Why not We Share that What is Depression? How we Know we are Suffers from Depression, How we fight against them And Etc. But Not We didn’t Share Any News Like That. We See that This Actor is Suffers from Depression But we didn’t see that More than 25 Millions of others Indian Also suffers from this disease . If we not Share Mental health awareness very soon . The Future is Very Horrible for us ..


In Conclusion: 

Mental Health Awareness Is the Most important Topic of Modern time Because Depression puts Very bad impact on our life style . Depression is the Third main reason of Criminal Activities And Increase number of Suicides cases in all over the world. But we didn’t take any major steps in stop them Quickly. We want Proper Government Support, Responsible Health industry, New technology  And Social media Which helps in increase mental health awareness in urban and Rural area . if you didn’t take Serious steps the impact will see in three or four Decades. 


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