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Bad news for all field Hockey fans, Now corona Virus separate in field Hockey and more than 6 National hockey team players along with caption tested positive for covid-19 on 14 August 2020, officially announced by ” The sports authority of India (SAI)” . 


On 7th August , the Sports Authority Of India officially issued the statement that National Field Hockey team Captain Manpreet Singh and five other players have tested positive for corona virus before starting National Camp on 20 August 2020, in Bengaluru , Captain Manpreet Singh tested  positive on 7th August and other players like goalkeeper Krishan Pathak , defender Surinder Kumar , Jaskaran Singh and star drag -flicker Varun Kumar also tested positive for COVID-19 on 10th August 2020 ,on 11th August the star forward player of National Hockey team Mandeep Singh was admitted to SS Sparsh Multi Specialist Hospital in Bengaluru after facing problem of inhalation but his condition was reported very well than before 




After the starting of treatment the other positive teammates were also shifted to the same hospital for further treatment it is the great shocking news for hockey India because the National Camp of Men’s field Hockey Team would have been  started on 20th August 2020 ahead in the preparation of Tokyo Olympic 2020 but camp is postponed due to arrival of these cases 


Field hockey Captain Manpreet Singh said that “I am self- quarantined on the SAI CAMPUS and I am very happy with the way SAI Authorities have handled this situation . I am doing fine and hope to recover very soon , on 14th August 2020 issued the statement that all the four players tested negative in rapid test but all four players are under doctor enquiries , 


But field hockey Captain Manpreet Singh and defender Surinder Kumar displays COVID-19 symptoms, and they are still admitted in Bengaluru Hospital , Both the players travelled with other ten players after their positive reports , all the ten players are undergo quarantined on Thursday

One of the official of SAI said that the quarantined athletes didn’t with other players who come together for ahead National Camp on 20th August 2020 , all the six players tested positive for novel virus on 10th August 2020 when SAI Medical tested team arrived in Bengaluru , According to the statement of SAI , May be players contracted the disease when they travelled Bengaluru to different parts of the country before a month long break, the Medical team of SAI also said that all the other players of National Hockey team Camp are tested negative for COVID -19

After coming from the long break, all the players goes in the quarantined before resuming training in the field Hockey ground,


There is a bad news from Badminton Court also, when Indian doubles International player N SIKKI  REDDY  tested positive for corona virus , She was also part of National camp in Hyderabad, along with Reddy her physiotherapist Kiran C has tested for COVID-19 at National Camp in Hyderabad , The sports Authority of India (SAI)  said on Friday 

SAI Medical team was tested all the players who joines ongoing National Camp including coaches, spotts staff and adminstrative staff and two sport staff have tested positive for novel corona virus, “chief National Badminton Coach PULLELA GOPI CHAND said ,






In conclusion, we only can say that by seeing the present situation that preparations for the upcoming olympic should be stop until the condition becomes normal . As we all are familiar that cases of COVID- 19 virus is growing day by day, it is not safe to organise any event like olympic  . This event accumulate large gathering , so there is a hundred percent chances of growing cases . At the end , I would say that every person should take care of himself for its own protection.  

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