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tiktok news



China and Chinese apps , Markets, products Faces a Very tough time now , Boycott of china products and apps is run in trading now , Due to Corona Virus china is in a deep problems . Boycott of chinese people and product puts china in a huge economic problem . In the Current GDP of china is lower in 15 years after corona virus , and Now banning Apps is a great upset for china . whole world are now against china because china is the developer of dangerous virus corona. And more than 1.25 crore of people are died due to corona virus . and Big nations are clearly against china . Last month Germany File a Cases against China in the World Justice Department and ask for More than 300 Millions Euros Because a loss of Germany due to corona virus . Some Asian giants are clearly against china, Countries like Australia  and India are very Aggressive against china .After clash of china and Indian armed forces in Galwoan valley increase more tension in south Asia . In this clash more than 20 Indians dies and more than dozen are injured and china didn’t share any numbers but , According to our sources , More than 50 chinese Army forces men’s die in this clash . And countries like japan , Australia , and India increase their Navy power in pacific ocean and Joint their hands against ChinaLast Month .,



TIKTOK NEWS, India banned More then 59 Chinese apps which Include some big names likes tiktok, Uc browser,  share it etc . and listen More than 250 Chinese apps and discussing in banned them soon . and After this shock china face one more shock when President of America announced that America banned tiktok very soon .For your information we also said that America is the leading tiktok users after india banned tiktok . America have more than 50 millions users of tiktok . it is the great shocking news for china and china digital market .


After the flight from Tampa on early friday , Mr . Donald trump Arranged press conference and Said that his Government discussing in banned tiktok due to security issues as soon as Saturday , And in the Answer tiktok General managers ask that Nothing gone like that and It is just statement which helps in show there anger Against China . So everyone knows that it is the baddest time for America because due to corona virus more than 25 lakhs of America dies Due to Corona virus . And Mr. trump gave many Statement against china and Their friend’s nations . And Mr . Trump Also gave Another name to corona virus is chinese virus which make big controversy in Past ..




Due to ban of tiktok in India , Chinese company tiktok faces a loss of more than 200 Millions Dollor Every month According to our tiktok news ,and if this app is also banned in america . it is Also a end of this company very soon . Some of the expert leaders also Said , that Mr . trump Use this Decision for only Gain some Votes and Distract people from corona virus and anger against china helps in gain more and more votes for him . some of people said that Why Mr, trump take this decision very Near Time of election and why Not ban tiktok in the Early Period of time … So now see what happens now, Some Experts of war asks that can World WAR Is near due to this decision because it puts Brutal impact on America – china relationship and Destroy the market of china in America.

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In conclusion , This Tiktok news ,is very Bad shocking news for chinese companies , some of others sources said that this Tiktok news , Is just a start , Government of india also listed more than 30 apps and discussing in banned them soon . In the Eye of Many people it is just a election Drama and Many america said that it is the good news . it is good or bad decision is an Unfinished topic , LET’S SEE In Future what happens next ..???

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tiktok news


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