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Best Android games reddit

Did You Know, Best Android Games Reddit

Best Android Games Reddit.
Today , Android games are Important part of our life . Now, Millions of Android games are available in  Google Play store and Specially  Generation of 21st century Love android games because Excitement and Entertainment of these games are Unbelievable . Every generation loves playing games in mobile .And if you want to know about best Android games Reddit . Don’t stress about anything we tell you everything About best android games Reddit, Ever . So let’s start.

Best Android games reddit




PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is also known as the Pubg . it is the amazing online Multiplayer battle royale pass game who popular in all over the world . Millions of users plays this game in universe . pubg games is design by south korean gaming company BLUEHOLE. The name of founder of this game is Brendan who inspires from late 20s japanese movie Battle royale,and he take the concept of this movie into the game which make this so Popular . Pubg was firstly launched in December 2017. and free-to-play full  mobile version for Android mobile launched in 2018 , pubg is also known as the most selling and popular game of all times . This game sold more than 100 millions of copies of this games in all over the universe . and They complete more than 600 millions downloads in Android platform like google play store and etc .

Pubg is the popular players v/s players game where they face each other in a particular map in the game . After started of match , Map goes shrink and shrink after some time and we face enemies about us . the player or team who survived at end they won the match . The game is divided in three catagories Solo, Duo, And Squard matches . Now these game also provide career in this gaming field for new youngster . But from last year dozens of youngster are felling addict of this game . which cause them depression and In the last they committe suicide . this game is also ban in many countries like jordan, nepal , iraq, and gujarat state of India . but in the end this game is popular in all over the world and only 100 millions of Downloader of this game is only from India .

Best Android games reddit



In the category of Best Android Games Reddit., Are,Call of duty is also one of the best Online android gamer ever in my personal view, Call of duty was released on October 1, 2019. Call of duty is well know for Beautiful effects and brilliant game play.  This game is saw as the one of the brilliant game of all time. In the time duration of 1 Year of Launched Call of Duty Earned More than US$350 millions dollars and more than 250 downloader in just one day.

  1. This game was released by TiMi studio . Apart of tencent games.  Many Playable Character, weapons, and maps. The game are divided into two category Ranked and unranked games. The success of this game goes up and up everyday. Some of the gaming experts also asked that in the next some years, Call of duty is known as the one of the all time best Games in the gaming platform. The review of the game is just awesome and very in countries like Japan, South Korea, America, India Etc. Also Won Award of Best Android games Reddit, in 2019



Class Of Clans is the Amazing Mind and strategy video game which was developed by Supercell. Firstly this Game was released on Augest, 2012 in the platform of iOs and After 1 years this game is also available in the platform of Android. Mode of this game is single play and multi players. Specifically, the Graphic of this Game is just brilliant. In this game players Built their empire or Clans using Available Features in the game and also Attack the clans of other enemies and looting their Coins etc. There are three resources of this game Gold, elixir, And dark elixir. This is brilliant mind games where we play with multiplayer Before 2017 this games dominate in the gaming society and rating of this game is just awesome. As my Personal experience My childhood Memories are connect with this game .  The rating of this game in iOs is 86 out of 100 and 4.5 stars rating in the google play storestore.

Best Android games Reddit


Next Game in the category of Best Android Games Reddit is Pokemon Go is one of the most Counterversy game in the India as well in some other part of the world . Pokemon game was designed by Niantic And The Pokemon company in 2016 . Game is Available in the Platform of iOs and Android. In the start of this game I use name Counterversy because in this game they locate Mobile device GPS to Locate location of the person. The game is free of cost for play. The total revenue of this game is around 2.4 billions. And this game have more than 147 Downloader in the game in 2018 . But after long debate and long Counterversy this is banned in India on 2018 and also Banned in some other countries like Iran, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc. But in the Start this game is very popular Pokemon Go won The Games Award in 2016 , Best Innovation game Award in 2017 and many other award is win by this Game. And In India The Counterversy finished when government banned this game in October, 2018. And still banned in Many country this game placed 4th number in the category of games Android Games Reddit




Fortnite is the fight, Survival,battle royale And sandbox online video game which by Released in 2017 . And Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and Warner Bros and available in the every online platform Like Windows, iOs, Android etc. This is Battle Royale Games, Free to play and In this game 100 players in the game And They Play this Game Untill Last Person Survived at the end. The Slogan of Fortnite game is Go And Save the World. The Graphic of this games looking very much real and every person who played this game Like the Colours and Graphic of the game. This game won Many Awards like Best Teen Choice Award in 2018 ,Best Game Award in 2018 And Many others.


 Conclusion, In the Article of Best Android games Reddit I tried My Best to Show you some of the Best Android games Reddit, Ever who won the heart of people’s And ruled in the World gaming platform. In Given games, They are just amazing and brilliant games,. Some of games in this list are very Counterversy games But Still people’s play these games and These games Entertain us in Awesome way..  And If you have any of your Choose in the category of Best Android Games Reddit. So Must tell us in comments👇👇

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