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New mobile phones 2020

New Mobile Phones 2020 Launched In India, Latest Prices Availability Etc. Must Watch


New Mobile phones 2020 ,in India

Today , india is the new mobile phones hub in 2020. Every company wants invest their money in india . A lots of New mobile phones launched in 2020 .The market of Phones is very high , The Race between Mobile company’s is in very Top level , Every company wants launched new phones in very Quick duration of Times which helps in Attracted New customers and Represent themselve in Mobile market.

The market of mobile is very famous in all over the world . Every company wants launched their phones in every countries.

But Some big countries like America , China , india Etc are main market of phones’s company’s .And every Mobile company Wants launched their phones firstly in these countries because the customers in these countries is very large , and Companies are ready for grab these opportunity. Today,

We tell you some of the New phones 2020 launched in India . with their Prices , specialities , technology and their availability in India . So Let’s start.

  1. ONEPLUS 8 [ 5G ]    



Oneplus is Brilliant mobile phone currently launched in india , ll


The Oneplus 8 5G delivers Excellent performance in battery back-up, excellent display system and light weighted mobile in very good and alternative price . weight of the mobile is not more than 6.5 ounces . and the size of the mobile is 6.4 , 2.8 and 0.32 inches. and the CPU of the mobile is Snapdragon 865 and Display is 6.60-inch with Android 10 OS .

The price of the mobile is started from 43,000 in india . and people and customers of one plus is very happy with this product . the review of Oneplus 8 5g is brilliant but As a customers I notice some of problems of this phone are

IF We talk about Overall the quality of this mobile is very brilliant . and as a customers I like this mobile also.

A phone with 5G in price of RS 43,000 . light weight, more than 128 GB storage and with 4,300 battery life is such a grab for customers . the mobile is available in red , black and green colour and you shop this mobile from official side of Oneplus.

Also available on Amazon






In The category of new mobile phones 2020, Next number is samsung  new mobile Smartphone is New Samsung galaxy s20 ultra .

SAMSUNG Launched this beautiful mobile phone on february 2020 in india. This phone is also came in the catagory of ‘ Most Stylish phone of samsung’ .

Display of this phone is 6. 20 inches [ 1430 to 3300] with Samsung Exynos 990 Processeor . but most beautiful think of this phone is Cameras of this phone is excellent  With Rear camera of 12MP+64MP+12MP And Front camera of 10 MP. The storage of this mobile is 128GB .

And battery capacity is more than 4000mAh . with 8GB RAM . SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 runs on One UI 2.0 Which is based on Android 10. samsung launched samsung galaxy S20 in two version . Samsung Galaxy s20 [ Cloud Blue ] and samsung Galaxy S20 [ cosmic gray ] .

This phone is available in different e-commerce platform like Amazon , flipkart , samsung.in etc ,.

The price of this phone in AMAZON is about RS. 63,350[ CLOUD BLUE ] And cosmic Gray price is 70,499. the price of this mobile phone in Flipkart is RS 70,499.

Overall this looks good and people is waiting for this mobile for a long peroid of time . reviews 0f this mobile is also good .

This mobile is very good and  mobile who contains face unlock , fingerprint sensor , magnetometer , proximity sensor , accelerometer , Brometer etc.  So if you looking for buy a phone then this is brilliant phone to buy ….





Motorola also joins the party when they launched their New Mobiles phones 2020. they gave name to their phone is Motorola One fusion.

Motorola launched this phone in india on 2nd july 2020 . this phone have beautiful screen of 6. 52 touchable screen with brilliant 720&1600 pixels. and ram of this phone is 4GB.

With light weight of 205 g. The Most excellent think of this phone is Battery capacity , battery capacity in mAh is 5000. which is one of the best handset in india.

Motorola mobile phone is Available in Emerald green , Ocean blue . processor of this phone is octa-cora and processor maker is Qualcomm snapdragon 710 .

With internal storage of 64 GB . And camera quality is also beautiful Rear camera is 48-megapixel+8 megapixel . And front camera is 8-megapixel And operating system is ANDROID 10.

I Think it is the beautiful mobile and it is very good handset to buy. In my catagory currently it is the one of the best New mobile phone of 2020



4. REDMI  9C


In the Category of best mobile phones 2020 , next number is Xiaomi Present Redmi 9c .

Redmi was launched on 30th june 2020 in india. it is the beautiful touchscreen mobile with 6.55 inch display with 720 and 1600 pixel and aspect ratio of this Smartmobile is 20:9 .

The weight of this new mobile phones 2020 [ Redmi 9c ] is super light-weight . this mobile weights contains only 190.00 grams . and dimension of this mobile 165.99 .

THe camera of this mobile is very beautiful , Rear camera of this mobile is 13-megapixel [f/2.5] +2 -megapixel[f/2.4] and front camera contains 5- megapixel . operating system of this mobile is Android 10.

The service of fingerprint sensor and face unlock system is also available in this brilliant smartphone. 

Some problem of this mobile 

  • Ram of this smartphone is only 3GB.
  • Internal memory of this mobile is only 32GB
  • Customers face some problems on front camera 

Redmi 9c is available in three colours like Mightnight Grey, Sunrise orange , Twilight grey.

  Currently this mobile is not available in any online shopping platform . the stock of this mobile in india is low. but Available in some Redmi showrooms and Expert price of this mobile in india is about Rs . 8,500 .

This mobile is very good example of mid class phone . the price of this smartphone is under the budget of mid class family person …..


Conclusion, Due to covid 19 , the market of New mobile phones 2020 is very limited . Only some of the company launched new mobile phones 2020.

But with my knowledge I show you some of smartphones which are launched in 2020 with their features and Speciality of these smart phones. 

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New Mobile Phones 2020…

That’s it for today..Stay home stay safe



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