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IPL : Good news for cricket Fans , ipl 2020 Excitement Started from september 26 2020.

IPL , Good news for the fans of cricket . BCCI And All the franchise are agree in started Ipl from 26 September to November 6 2020, but this time in UAE . But now it depends on ICC Can they gave approval to these date or not .

According to the one of the official of the Bcci , Board also in talk with sri lanka Cricket board for organized ipl in srilanka . but Owner of all the franchises agree in organized ipl this time in UAE . In past , BCCI started some of ipl matches in UAE At 2014 also, Due to General Election of india in 2014 .

Indian premier league Popular know as IPL  started every year between april to june . ipl is like a festival in india. 8 teams fights more than 60 days for winning the trophy of ipl . every year cricket fans waited for this league. IPL is known as the world richest cricket league in the world.  but this due to the corona virus ipl also face a lot of problems in India . BCCI waited a long time for organized this brilliant league in india but Cases of corona In india is increasing everyday . so finally BCCI And franchises are agree in started ipl in UAE. Because cases in UAE is very low.

One of the official member of ipl winning team said that ‘ We are ready for ipl in UAE And now, we planned all the things like where we trained , Hotel registration where we live etc . when we living india for UAE . All the players gave test of corona and also go in quarntine when we arrived in UAE. All the foreign players visit directly in UAE from their respectively country ‘


All the franchise are agree in follow all the guidelines of UAE . As the expect , Schedule are out in augest . and all the player visit UAE with private jats . franchises start all the planning , and ready for shows us brilliant matches of ipl . On 17 july 2020 Bcci Arranged a Meeting With Franchises Talk about the Future Setup of this League in 2020 . And All The Franchise agree with this proposal of Start this IPL in UAE.Ipl


So Everyone Know that condition in India goes bad and Bad everyday Due to corona virus and it looks very Difficult for      Board of Control for Cricket in India   (BCCI) to Start IPL in India. World cricket is waiting for this call Because All the big countries players playing in this league. And this League make players Rich and Rich everyday.


For your Knowledge, We said that, Player auction of Vivo IPL held on bengaluru in December 2019 . Pat Cummins of Australia sold by Kkr as the richest pick of the auction at 15.5 crore. This League is also Known for gave Indians youngster new platform where they play against world class champions of the game

This game gave us many of brilliant players like Virat kholi, Rohit sharma, Ravinder jadega And many Other this list is countless. IPL plays a very brutal role in increased the confidence, games skills of young players. Where they change their dressing room with their heroes.

The first Edition of the IPL is started on 2008 . And after every year the popularity of this league is increases and Increase. Every cricket players have a dream of playing in IPL. So that’s why After Football Champion League and basketball NBA It is known as the Third Most Watch league of the world. After this announcement Every IPL fans are very happy with this decision.

So Now, Everything Depends on ICC can they gave approval to these dates And if they gave approval to these dates the Excitement of IPL is started from 26 September to November 6 2020. And Now, world is desperately waiting for the league Excitement



India Officially Launched First vaccine For the Human’s Body trial to fight Against covid—19 or Corona virus.



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