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Top breakups reasons in 2020 Explore now

 These days,Breakups in relationships is a very common thing .  Every one wants new one in their life . love is Games for new generation ,   main reasons of breakups in  relationship is not belive in our love partner, Misunderstanding , moneyproblem Etc
But , today we tell you what is the main reasons behind break ups in relationships .
and how we make our relationship better and strong , So let’s start




Misunderstanding in relationship is the one of the main reason behind breakups in loves, today. one partner didn’t have trust on other one , Most of boys and girls, thinks that their partners didn’t trust on them . and Their thinking is that their partner have affairs with other men or girls outside  also, that type of mindset is very dangerious for every relationship . if any girls talk with other school time friends [boys] a lots of partners thinks that she have affair with them. and He started doubt on her . and then if any partner have anytype of doubt in this relationship that’s means UNCERTAINTY in relationship . so How we decrease misunderstaning in relationship is TRUST. it is important for us we have a trust in our partner . and always have a believe in our partner.cw 


In a 21st century Cheating is one of the another reason behind break-ups in relationship , infidelity both are emotional distrub when third one is came in the relationship . social media is one of the main platform for intract with other people and make connection with them with after some it changes in Affairs . after these things trust is going day by day and ends with breakups and sometime it changes in many crime also.



Some of the partner are very busy in works and they didn’t have any time for sit together any communicate with each other . and this communication gap is also behind many of Orderliness. some of the partner busy in make their carrer but they didnt have any time for their loves ones . Girls think that he only loves himself and He didn’t any time for me.Any Boys thinking is that he make carrer for herself and gave her better life . But without knowing and express their felling with eachother increase gap with patner’s  so how we solve this problem ?

So it is important for us gave Time to our loving ones . and Doing conversation with eachother everyday . it helps in matching their words and thinking and make relationship better and strong. 



  Lying is also a big factor behind Incertainty in relationship. lying of small small things with partner decrease trust with our partner. lying decrease trust , Without trust increase in the Misunderstanding , Misunderstanding increase communicational gap, and communication gap increase attraction with Third one and then , breakup . so how we stop it?

Didn’t lying anything from  your partner because if he or she know  your lie from someone else it hurts their hearts and Trust Decrease Day by Day and ends with breakups or Divorace . so didn’t decrease your trust in front of your partner .



BAD Type of behaviour with our partner is dangerious for any relationship . Bad Behaviour like physically abusing , bad activities like Taking drugs and Disrespect of their family ,hurts their felling and increase gap everyday and put bad impact in our relationship.


Sometime  some partner  are going over possessive in relationship . Sometimes partners are unwilling to see their partner with someone’s stand and wants the partners everything like time , loves , attention Etc . in the over possessive in relationship he or she ask you millions of questions in a week and always doubt on you and wants all of your control in their hands . so how we stop this in our relationship?

So in the cases of over possessive  it is important for us win trust of our partners . and increase belive on yourself day by day.

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In Conclusion , love is the thing which make our life beautiful and full of happiness but today , Ego in relationship , misunderstanding, lack in trust, bustle, hurt’s partner’s felling decreasre patient in Today Loves , and that’s why breakups and Divorce is very common in indian society also .



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  1. Love is a journey of 2 individuals, sometimes we will not understand ourself so to understand another one needs to be patient.

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