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Best web series on Netflix

Best Web Series On Netflix to watch now 2020

Best web series on Netflix :is

Today , Everyone loves Drama Movies who streaming online in different Platforms Like , Amonzon Prime video, netflix,and manyother.

But one of the best and better experience platform for online different drama movies is Netflix, People’s are very happy with the experience of Netflix and everytime people’s are always very excited for their upcoming series .

But Today ,Cortexmedia tells you some of the top series of netflix , These series are Numbering with their fan following and ALL Time favourite.

LIST OF Best  web series on Netflix :


Mindhunter is one of the best webseries movies in netflix , Mindhunter have two seasons and more than 20 episode .

the story of the Mindhunter is Based on true Story ,where FBI, Investigate the serial killing case in 1970s . Whole series Based on Holden ford Chracter where he plays the role of agent of FBI , Mr. jonathan Groff plays the role of Agent ford, The producer of this series is David Fincher.

The characters of this movies is very impressive and people are wait for the next season , So that’s why Mindhunter is in the number 1 place in our catagory of best webseries in Netflix.



Everything sucks! Is one of the best comedy webseries in Netflix, Only One season and 10 episode of this Series make everyone fan of Beautiful story and make millions of fan’s .

The story of this web is very heart touchable . In this series , Two groups of students divided into Popular and Non -popular students want make their identied in high school as well in the world. 

Everyone loves the sweat quareel between student , this series start when new fresher from a/v club, loves another group student and relation changes in sexual identity of lesbians . the story of 90s is very Funny ,

Sweat and heartbreaking , This is in the 2ND place in our catagory Of best series of netflix . and This is my best – ever webseries Also.



IF You are the lover of mystery murder    ,    Thriller , so you people must watch this webseries , German version this movie looks very complicated in start , But In end the Story looks clear like mirror . 

the story is divided into four families who lives together and after some time situation is comletely changes, This webseries have 3 seasons and 27 episode . This is in the 3rd place in our catagory Of best series of netflix .


If we talk about the best successful webseries in not Only in Netflix but in every platform is House of Cards . it is a very well decorated political series .

The 6 seasons which include more than 75 episode is very popular in all over the world . 1st season Released on february 2013 . and people loves 1st season all episode and last series realease on november 2018, some of the start face of this series are kevin spacey, Michael kelly , jayne Atkinson etc .

so if you like some magic and political types movies so must watch this series available on NETFLIX AND IMBD


Webseries Narcos is based on the rises of drugs war in america and Colombia . the story is based on 80s .

it is the original netflix web series . some of the people also said that This webseries make netflix popular because this original story touches the heart of people’s . the rating of this webseries is more than 9 in every watch options. first season and episode was release on 27 augest , 2015 and after successful 5 seasons last eposide is released on 1 september 2017.

this web series also Released on spanish . some of the major chracter on this webseries are Pedro Pascal plays the role of Javier pena, wagner Mranra, Albrto Ammann etc. So This is in the 5th place in our catagory Of best series of netflix



F Is for family , ia a beautiful series who set up in 1973 story, this webseries is based on the bill burr childhood experience .

it is the family story contains loves, cry , heartbreaking etc . this webseries have 4seasons and more than 35 episodes.

the rating of this webseries is more than 8 in both netflix and imdb . we saw this webseries with our hole family and enjoy watching with our whole family.


 CONCLUSION ,In that time everyone stays at home due to lockdown and everyone have a lots of time and if you spend your time in a entertainment way so you must watch these web series in netflix.

These movies also available in IMBD and other social media platform .SO MUST GO AND WATCH IT


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