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Punjabi movie

PUNJABI MOVIE 2020 latest to watch now

Punjabi movie industry 

India have many types of movie industry . Every state have their own language movie industry but Punjabi industry is one of the most famous industry throughout India .It is also known as      Pollywood    .

Pollywood is the punjabi language industry centred around the state of punjab. In India this industry gave always back to back hit movies which received International attention also.All the movies of this industry are really appreciable by its fans .

No doubt, that released by this industry are always hit but there are some movies along with their hitness also made a great place in hearts of fans.So, some of those famous movies are as follows So Let’s start.




It is one of the most popular film of the punjabi industry .It is the story about a man who loves a girl who is already fallen in love of Someone . It is the cute love story which take place in 1940’s when love was considered to a crime in society .

There is also a little bit comedy in this story . Starface of this movie are Sargun Mehta, Amrinder Gill, Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon, Aditi Sharma, Sardar Soni, Nirmal Rishi, Varun Sharma , Nisha Bano, Anita Devgan .

It is beautifully directed by Simerjit singh and written by Amberdeep singh . It’s worldwide gross was $545, 546. and This movie also Awarded by Filmfare punjabi as Best movie of 2016. 

2. PUNJAB 1984

This film was based on facts which presents the Trauma of 1984 . It is the story of a mother and her missing son . It is starcasted by Diljit Dosanjh , Kiran Kher, Sonam Bajwa, Pavan Malhotra, Asim Bali, Rana Ranbir and many more.

The direction had given by Anurag Singh. And written by Surmeet Maavi and Anurag Singh . It’s worldwide turnover was $72, 770. This movie shows the Pain of Punjab state in 1984 . And Millions of Sikhs youngster.killed in fake encounters which started by PUNJAB Police and Indian Army. 


Chal mera putt is a drama film directed by Janjot Singh . The film is produced by Karaj Gill. It is written by Rakesh Dhawan .

The film revolves around Punjabi’s who tried very hard to settle in a foreign land .And shown the Hardship life of International students  The actors of this film are Simmi Chahal, Amrinder Gill, Nasir Chinyoti, Akram Udas, Gurshabad , Hardeep Gill. Rohit Dhiman Editted this film . It’s worldwide commulative gross was $ 76,467.

The Prelude of this movie came in 2020. and name of this sequel movie is Chal mera putt 2. and this Part of Movie is also very famous in all over the world specially in Punjab; canada ;and America.


Qismat is one of the best Indian Punjabi language romantic film. It is beautifully written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. It is a story about a boy who falls in love while studying in chandigarh despite his marriage arranged to another woman.

Actors of this film are Ammy Virk , Sargun Mehta , Guggu Gill . It’s worldwide gross was $ 188’014. The story of this movie is very Beautiful And story of pure Love. This is the first pure romantic punjabi movie in pollywood .and people’s are very happy with Story of the Movie .



Ardass is the one of the another movie of pollywood Who teach how live our life . This movie Was released on 11 of march on 2016.

Ardass movie was directed by famous pollywood actor and singer Gippy grewal and Produced by Sippy grewal and Gippy grewal . Beautiful dialouges was written by Rana Ranbir . Starface of this movie are Gurpreet Guggi, Ammy virk; karamjeet Anmol,Mandy kakkar and Etc .

Ardass movie Around Between chracter Master Gurmukh singh [GUGGI] .How he arrived in new school at the job of Government teacher and show the villagers how live life happy and cheerful .

Audience are very happy with the concept  of the movie .and Gross profit of Ardass movie Is around $ 420,000  in all over the world


Putt jattan de is one of the oldest movie of pollywood. Putt jattan de movie was realease on 1983 and Directed by Jagjeet gill.

Some of famous bollywood actors Work on this Movie Like Dharmendra, Statrughan Sinha ;Guggu gill etc. The Budget of this movie is only $ 13,500. But this movie is very famous in all over the Punjabi speaking Areas.

Total Boxoffice collection of this move is more than $ 107,000 . and also Win filmfare Punjabi Of All time Best punjabi Movie in 2015…


CONCLUSION ,In my views, These are the some punjabi movie who won the hearts of people;s in all over the world. and We expect that We saw these type of movies in Future And Entertain us in future time Also.



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