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Top virus which came in the word

Top Virus which came in the world 2020

Human’s face a lots of virus in the earth Since They Born. And millions of people in the world lost their lives with many other virus . Virus is the sum viral disease which is born with many others human’s mistakes and spread one to another people and whole world is suffered with many virus due to their mistakes . But with the help of our brilliant doctors and scientist we find Anti doze and Vaccine of many viruses .But alot of many other viruses which didn’t have any vaccine
Today we talk about some top viruses which came in the world and destroyed millions of lives
So let’s start


Ebola virus is outbreak dangerously in the Republic of Sudan and then stuck in the whole African nations in the world . Ebola is the virus which spread with contact of human body ;blood , tissues,with people’s and with animals . This is the one of the deadiest virus in the world . According to the World Health Organisation [WHO], More than 65% Of Sudan strain happen with Ebola Virus .And Ebola Virus spread in North and West Africa Again in 2014, And take millions of lives in 2014 .


Dengue virus first recognised in 1940’s and 50’s in the South Asia and Philippines . And very fast spread in the all over the world . Dengue is the disease which one is spread with mosquoites in the whole world . According to the WHO total death mark is more than 100 millions of peoples in the world . Dengue patients is found in all over the world But death rate of this virus is only 2.25% and no such major vaccine is made by any scientist till this date .


Hanta Virus first appeared in U.S.A in 1992 , HantaVirus pullmonary syndrome [HPS] . The death rate of Hanta Virus is more than 30% that’s why Hanta Virus is known as the biggest virus in the world . Now , it is found in whole U.S.A. and some other part of Europe there is no Anti Doze of virus since it found . But Anti phenoxic was introduced by doctors in 2001 which decrease the death rate of this virus .


Marburg Virus firstly identified in 1965 , when German’s scientist suffered from this virus . Actually , Scientist import some monkeys and some other animals from Uganda . But these animals infected with this virus and spread this virus in whole Germany , many other part of Europe is also suffered from this virus . According to World Health Organisation the death rate of this virus is mordaete than 15% . But in the time period between 1998 and 2000 .It outbreak again in democratic republic of Congo and some other part of Africa but this time the death rate is more than 75% .

5. HIV

HIV is one of the baddest virus in the world. About 35 Mllions of people’s Deaths Recorded Since Virus Firstly Found in 1980. Many scientist also Said that “HIV is one of the silent killer Virus” . Doctors and Scientist introduce one Antiviral Drug for make HIV patient Life Some Years long , But Till this Date world didn’t have any particular Vaccine for this virus.


Rabies firstly found in 1930’s , Then it is the one of the dangerious virus in the Asia .Specially in India And china . it also found in some another part of Africa. Actually Rabies put brutial impact in human’s brain and Make Human’s Brain Workless. Without proper treatment , The Death rate is 100% .and Vaccine of the Rabies Is found in 1960.

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